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Did you know?

"Spades," a tool to dig graves, suggests death.
"Clubs" represents a weapon of murder.
The "ten spot" is in opposition to the Ten Commandments
Did you know that playing cards are based on the Tarot cards, which are used for fortunetelling?
Alcohol abuse and dependence is four times as prevalent among men over the age of 65 than among women in the same age group (SGRMH, 1999).
At least 10 to 20 percent of widows and widowers develop clinically significant depression within one year of their spouse?s death (SGRMH, 1999).
Young people are beginning to drink at younger ages. This is troubling particularly because young people who begin drinking or using drugs before age
Among middle- and high-school students, less than 20 percent of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 report using alcohol in the previous month,
Alcohol, marijuana, inhalants and club drugs are the most frequently used drugs among middle- and high-school youth (SAMHSA, 2000)
Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds and the sixth leading cause of death for 5- to 14-year-olds. The number of attemp
Teenage girls are more likely to develop depression than teenage boys (NIMH, 2000).
As many as one in every 33 children and one in eight adolescents may have depression (CMHS, 1998).
The dollar symbol ($) is a U combined with an S (U.S.)
One in five children have a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavioral disorder. And up to one in 10 may suffer from a serious emotional disturbance
Up to one-half of all visits to primary care physicians are due to conditions that are caused or exacerbated by mental or emotional problems (CFHC, 19
Approximately 15 percent of all adults who have a mental illness in any given year also experience a co-occurring substance abuse disorder, which comp
Depression greatly increases the risk of developing heart disease. People with depression are four times more likely to have a heart attack than thos
One percent of the population (more than 2.5 million Americans) has schizophrenia (Schizophrenia Bulletin, 1998).
Approximately 12 million women in the United States experience depression every year ? roughly twice the rate of men (NIMH, 1999).
Depression and anxiety disorders ? the two most common mental illnesses ? each affect 19 million American adults annually (NIMH, 1999).
More than 54 million Americans have a mental disorder in any given year, although fewer than 8 million seek treatment (SGRMH, 1999).
Snakes have no moveable eyelids. Instead, they have a clear, scale-like membrane covering the eye.
Many spiders have eight eyes.
Ancient Seven Wonders of the world---Temple of Arthemis at Ephesus, Asia Minor-- 6th century BC ---Marble temple in honor of goddess of hunting and th
Ancient Seven Wonders of the world---Statue of Zeus at Olympia-- 5th century BC-- 9 meter (30 ft) high wooden statue of Greek god Zeus covered with go
Ancient Seven Wonders of the world.Pharos of Alexandria . 270 BC . The world's first known lighthouse at the entrance of Alexandria harbour in Egyp
Ancient Seven Wonders of the world.Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Asia Minor. 4th century BC Tomb of Mausolus built by his widow. Destroyed by an earthqu
Jan 26/1950 India becomes a republic ceasing to be a British dominion
Ancient Seven Wonders of the world.Hanging Gardens of Babylon. 6th century BC Series of terraces of trees and flowers along the banks of the Euphrates
Colossus of Rhodes 305-292 BC. 32 meters (105 ft) high bronze statue of the sun god Helius. Destroyed by an earthquake in 224 BC

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